About Us

Kosher Cove is owned and operated by Savta Properties based in Atlanta, GA. The team consists of Seth, Zev, Emily, and a robust group of talented subcontractors.

The first time Seth saw Kosher Cove he was captivated by the amazing views of the surrounding lakes and mountains. As someone who had recently started traveling with children, Seth was newly acquainted with the struggles of navigating a kosher family vacation. Then it dawned on him! What if there was an option for Shomer-Mitzvot vacationers to enjoy nature and the full majesty of Hashem’s creations that didn’t require an airplane, loan, or cargo trailer full of kosher utensils and appliances?

And like that–Kosher Cove was born.

Although not inexpensive, we hope our guests appreciate that we are at least 30% below prevailing market rates. Our goal is to enable as many Shomer-Mitzvot families as possible to enjoy Kosher Cove and keep the program running. The Kosher Cove team appreciates knowing that our home is that special “happy place” for so many people.