Q. Where is Kosher Cove located?
A.  Kosher Cove is located on the majestic shores of Lake Chatuge in Young Harris, GA.  Drive time is approximately two hours and 30 minutes from Atlanta or even a little less if you do not mind driving the curvy mountainous route.


Q. What is the maximum occupancy and number of beds?
A.  While there's no maximum occupancy per se, Kosher Cove can comfortably accommodate 8 adults and almost any number of kids.  The main house has three bedrooms, two on the main level and one in the finished basement.  Each bedroom has either a queen or king bed and a full bathroom connected to it.  There is a detached loft above the garage with two queen beds, a futon, and a half bathroom.  It’s great for exiling the children or in-laws!


Q. What is the nightly rate and minimum stay required?
A. The rate is $300 per night, plus a one-time $150 cleaning fee and Towns County Ga lodging tax.  Reservations require a two-night minimum stay most of the year and a three-night minimum stay on secular holiday weekends.  We confirm reservations upon receipt of payment-in-full. 


Q. What is your cancellation and refund policy?
A.  If you or we can find someone else to take the place of a cancelled reservation, we will refund 90% of the rate regardless of when the cancellation is made, provided the replacement reservation is for the same length of stay or longer than the original reservation.  When a replacement guest is not booked:

  • 90% refundable 30 days or more before arrival date
  • 50% refundable 15 days or more before arrival date
  • Non-refundable within 15 days of arrival date

Q. What time is check-in and check-out?
A.  Standard check-in time is 4p.  Friday arrivals may check-in at 3p.  Standard check-out time is 10a.  Upon request, we are happy to accommodate earlier or later times provided it does not conflict with other guest reservations.  This is typically something we can only confirm close to your arrival date.

Q. Can we bring our pet lizard?
Sorry, no lizards but you can bring up to two dogs.  There is an additional cleaning fee of $50 per dog.  No cats, birds, turtles, or any other pets are allowed.  We even have dog beds and bowls if you prefer to leave yours at home. 

Q. Are the pool and/or hot tub private?
A. There are no formal barriers obscuring views of the pool and hot tub.  As a practical matter, the lots on both sides of the home are vacant land. 


Q.  What are the your Kashrus standards? 
A. We do our best to maintain a home and kitchen that conform to what we understand (and consult when necessary) to be normative Orthodox standards.  We are not cholov or pas Yisrael.  We are not under the supervision of any kashrus authorities.  Kosher Cove is only rented to those known to be shomer mitzvot, though we do not require that additional guests also be shomer mitzvot.  For example, some guests may invite their non-observant parents to stay with them and we trust that the primary guests will maintain appropriate standards as they would in their own homes.


The oven is run through self-cleaning after each guest.  Guests should bring their own paper goods and plastic utensils for those who prefer to use them.  Please refer to the list of additional amenities below of items provided with your rental. 

Q. Where are the closest grocery stores and pharmacies?
A. While Kosher Cove is set in a rural location, modern grocery, pharmacy, hardware, electronics, and clothing stores are within an easy 5 to 15 minute drive.  Depending on the length of your stay, Amazon and other online retailers will easily deliver to Kosher Cove.


Q. What amenities do you provide?
A. Kosher Cove provides the following items for your use:

• Meat/Dairy sets for cooking/eating
• Kosher appliances
• Two outdoor (meat) grills
• One Crock-Pot (meat)
• Electric hot plate/hot water urn
• Two Nusach Ashkenaz Siddurim
• Two Nusach Sephard Siddurim
• One Tehilim
• One Chumash
• One set of Pirkei Avos
• Two small tallisim
• Various yarmulkes
• Various bentchers
• Shabbat candles (tea lights)
• Kiddush cup
• Challah board/cover
• Havdallah set
• Eruv (around Kosher Cove only)
• Soap & shampoo
• Bath & pool towels
• Hair dryers
• One child booster chair
• One infant pack & play
• Alarm clocks in each bedroom
• High-speed wireless internet
• Black & white laser printer
• Three kayaks for the lake
• Two paddleboards for the lake
• Personal flotation vests
• Fishing rods & some tackle
• Pool toys/rafts
• Dog beds & bowls
• Firewood for campfires
• Wine/grape juice for purchase


Q. What should we bring with us to Kosher Cove?
Please consider bringing the following items for your stay:

  • Disposable plastic/paper products as well as aluminum foil, plastic wrap, etc.
  • Swimming Attire - With the lake, heated pool, and outdoor hot tub, water access is available all year round
  • Charcoal – Kosher Cove offers a propane and charcoal grill.  If you wish to use the latter, please provide your own charcoal and, if needed, lighter fluid
  • Teffilin
  • Kosher marshmallows – Outdoor fire pit and free wood are provided.  No local stores carry kosher marshmallows. 
  • Sunscreen
  • Live fishing bait (available from local stores)


Q. Is there good cell phone coverage and internet service available?
A. Most major carrier cell phones work just fine from Kosher Cove. We also have wireless internet and a black & white printer for your printing needs.

Q. Are there any additional details that we should be aware of?
A. At the house we have a Guest Guide on display that should address any additional questions or concerns you may have. We also have an electronic copy of the Guest Guide available, by clicking 
here. Of course, please don't hesitate to contact us directly by sending an email to KosherCove@SDLHomes.com for additional information!